Friday, June 10, 2011

I am Number 5

With the days of summer, graduations, and weddings upon us people will find their families complete. For some that may be one or two wonderfully perfect children, for my family it is six very different men. Of course I will give in and admit that the first week was a blast. Filled with catching up, laughing, and many pictures, but I soon remembered my place in the pecking order. I am the fifth to get food. I am the 5th to pick their spot on movie night. I am number five in line on sleeping arrangements, and the fifth one to be listened to. Now this can be argued that I actually hold the sixth spot in some of these orders considering the special attention the baby of the family receives (number 6). But with it all said and done, I am number 5.
I have seen four siblings try their cards in life. I have seen four different paths, four different views, and four different opinions on what I should do with my own. Of course, my loving parents support every step I take, but knowing in the back of their minds what will probably happen. They know this only because of my four preceding brothers. Am I at an advantage knowing the paths of the four older ones? Well, that question will be answered by where I am in ten years.
I am the 5th one to graduate from high school. I may be the fifth one married. I have the fifth most important opinion, and the 5th best stories. I am an all around fifth best. I am the number 5.

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