Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Unwritten Rule

Just the other day I was invited to attend a lunch with my friend and her mother. Walking into the Applebee’s the only thing on my mind was the dish I had been craving. A basket of chicken tenders and fry’s. To my dissatisfaction I found that someone at the table had already ordered this meal which, by the unwritten rules, meant that I may not order it.
No one knows when this rule was initiated, or even who was the first to decide it. None of that mattered to me as I scrambled to find the next item I wanted, it was just the rule. I will admit, at that time I had been unprepared with my next four choices like I used to be in family gatherings. Being the fifth child, the fifth best menu item became the dish I would be ordering. The last couple years had been wonderful; going out to eat with only brother number 6 meant that I got the best item. Now, with the family back at home, and a wedding rehearsal dinner this week, I must begin to prepare my top five choices.
I will not post this list in fear of a brother intentionally stealing my top choice. I may only keep my fingers crossed; my eyes closed, and listen carefully for my favorite dish. I hope you wish me the best of luck.

The Unwritten Rule
You may not order the same dish as a member of you party unless your party is more than 10 people. Drinks and desserts do not apply. You may not call dishes; the direction in which the waiter takes orders decides who may choose their dish first.

Any changes on this rule? Leave a comment!

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  1. You should write the "unwritten restaurant code of etiquette"!